Trip in Berlin!

Just after the holidays we went to Berlin for the exchange with the pupils of the "Gabriele von Bullow Gymnasium" we were with four nice teachers Mrs De Bel Air ,Mrs Grasland, Mr Roche and Mr Fontaine the organiser of the trip .It was very nice to do the trip with them .Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!

After 21hours of bus we arrived in Berlin at 15 o'clock and we were very happy to met our pen pal and to pass the week end with them.On The saturday night I go to the conformation of one member of my pen pal's familly and I go to bed at midnight I was very tired. On sunday we make a party for the birthday of my pen pal's mother and all his familly was there.

Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!On the sunday afternoon with the friends of my pen pal and with his stepfather we make a bowling and it was great.

On monday we were very happy to go to the college to met our friends and to tell to them  our experiences in the host famillies after a lots of stories the bus arrived and we visited the western part of berlin by bus explain by a german teacher .Afterwe go to the east side gallery ,to Check point Charlie and all about the Berlin wal and the Cold war.After a lunchwe take some pictures near the Brandburg gate thinking about our next visit the reichstag  dome where we saw a beautifull view of berlin.(The reichstag is a big place wich is like our"assemblée Nationale").

Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!

After a little passage near the chancellery where Angela Merkel work we did a bowling in Tegel with all the french pupils and their penpals.

It was a very great day!Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!

On tuesday we visited the garden of Charlottenburg castel  and Afterwards we did I think one of the favourites visits of the boys the olympic stadium :the place of the story of Hitler and Jesse Owens during the olympics games of 1936, the head butt of Zidane during the football world cup of 2006 and the World records of Usain Bolt on 100 and 200 m during the athletic world championship of 2009 on the blue lane.

Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!For the afternoon we went to the holocaust memorial for the europeans jewish it is a giant place with 2711 stones wich was built by the architect Peter Eisenman.At the end of the day we entered on the museum wich is situated under the memorial .

On wednesday we visited the  concentration camp for women of Ravensbruck we went to the guardians houses ,to the prison , to the crematorium furnace and to the memorial where a pupil put a flower spray because a member of her familly was killed by the nazis on this camp after a short time of silence we ate a picnic in the nearest city. At the end of the day we visited the gardens of the Rheinsberg castel
Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!where there is a huge lake.

On Thursday we went to Cecilienhof castel where Staline ,the americans presidents roosevelt and truman and the two english prime ministers Churchill and atlee had signed the Potzdam agreement .After a short time of shopping in potzdam we go to Sans souci castle where we drive around the gardens wich are beautifulls.Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!on the night we went to a party in Fontane House wich is a big house for made parties.Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!

On Friday we did shopping in a big avenue the Kurfurstendamm where we buy presents for our familly .Afterwards we took the U banh to Alt-Tegel .I pass all the afternoon with my pen pal and we ate carry wurst a speciality from Berlin.At 4 o'clock my host familly bring me back to the bus .Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, Trip in Berlin!

On saturday after a bab night in the bus and 21 our in the bus we arrived in rennes very tired at 13 o'clock very happy of the trip !

thanck you very much"dankeschön to all the teachers who go with us !!!


samedi 11 mai 2013 11:28


           With 57 pupils, 4 teachers I went to the German capital : Berlin between the Friday, 12th April and the Saturday, 20th April.

          After 20 hours of bus we arrived in Berlin the Saturday at 4 o'clock p.m. I discovered my penfriend because he didn't come in France last september. I discovered, also, his family, they were very nice with me during all the stay.  The Sunday morning, we went to the Mass. After the lunch, we went to the center of the city. We ate an ice-cream. Then we did a "little cruise" on the river and I saw the Protestant cathedral : the Dom, the German Parliament : the Reichstag, the Chancellery... Next ,we came back at home.Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, A JOURNEY IN BERLIN  The Chancellery


            The Monday morning, I discovered famous place of the capital with the class. We saw the Berlin wall, the East Side Gallery where there are 1300 metres of painting, the Checkpoint Charlie. It was very interesting. After the lunch, we take some photography behind the Brandenburg gate. Then, we went up in the dome of the Reichstag. The evening, the french pupils and the German pupils play at the bowling.

             The tuesday morning, we walked in the garden of Charlottenburg palace. Afterwards, we have visited the Olympic Stadium with a guide. Then we went to the Holocaust memorial, a guide has explicated us the history of this memorial and we went to the museum under the memorial.Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, A JOURNEY IN BERLIN Chalottenburg palace

             The wenesday, we went to a concentration camp for women : Ravensbruck, we saw the guard houses, shacks for the deportees the prison, the memorials... Next we have walked in the garden of Rheinsberg castle where there is a big lake.

                The thursday morning, we visited Cecilienhof castle where Staline, the American president and the English prime minister have signed the Potzdam agreements. After, we ate and we did some shopping. The afternoon, we visited San-Souci castle with a guide. Then, we walked in the garden which is beautiful. The evening, we have a party with the German pupils.Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, A JOURNEY IN BERLIN Cecilienof castle

                  The Friday morning, we did shopping in Kurfurstendamm street. The afternoon, I play at board games with my penfriend. The family gave me a beautiful book about Berlin in three languages: French, German, English. At 5 o'clock p.m, we leaft the German capital. After 20 hours of bus we arrived at 1 o'clock p.m at Rennes.

                     Thank you very much at the 4 teachers and the German family for this very good week in Berlin ! 






jeudi 09 mai 2013 18:47

My work experience

            The 20th, the 21st and the 22sd march 2013 I did a work experience. I went to a lawyer. During 3 days I discovered and I did lot of things.

              The morning of the first day, I went to the Lowest Level Court. Then I returned to the firm and I read some files which was stored. The files which I read during all my work experience spoke about fight, divorce, steal... The afternoon I went to a court odered appraisal in a home where there is a water leak. Next, I went to the Assize Court of Rennes. I attended at the process of a brother and a sister who killed a woman. 2 other men were accused of no assistance at people in danger. The brother and the sister will imprison during 25 years and one of the other people, during 6 years.

              The  morning of the second day, I returned to the Assize Court and I saw the continuation of the process. After, in the firm, I discovered 4 codes: the Civil code, the Penal Code, The Code of Civil Procedure and the code of Criminal procedure. The afternoon I went to the Commercial Court.

              The morning of the last day, I read some files and I questioned the lawyer about his hower of work, the advantages and the disadvantages of his profession, his studies ( For top become a lawyer you have to study 7 years). The afternoon I assisted at a meeting between  the lawyer and one of his client.  Afterwards I read some files.

            During my work experience, the morning I began at 9 a.m and I ended at 12 a.m. The afternoon I began at 2 p.m  and I ended at 5p.m. My work experience was great and very interesting!Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, My work experience The Assize Court of Rennes                   AMAURY

dimanche 24 mars 2013 16:11

work experience


before the holidays I do my work experience at the 4 stars hotel lecoq Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, work experienceGadby and I "macaron "on the "Guide michelin".Blog de urbainamaury : The blog about what you can imagine, work experienceIt was fantastic I discover a lot of things about cooking , reception and the service at table with Marie Anick the reception with claudie and how to cook with a very nice kitchen boy called Alex .My work experience master Miss Bregeon was very simpathic and gave me a lot of things.It was a fantastic experience and I hope your work experience were great like mine.

see you :Urbain

lundi 18 mars 2013 18:08

we have a new pope!!!

Hello everybody

Today I will tell us about our new pope "François".He was elected last wednesday by 115 cardinals who cames from all around the world.Jorge mario Bergolio was cardinal of Buenos Aires the capital city of  Argentina.our new pope use to fought against poverty around the world and had regularly slept in "bidonvilles".He is humoristic , he loves football and used to go working by bus.For this conclave he wasn't the favourite but he impress the others cardinals so he was elected as the first american pope and for this event around 200000 persons were gathered on St peter place to acclaim Their new pop after they saw the White smoke and to hear the old cardinal Thorent say "Habemus Papam".It was fantastic and billions of Christians are very Happy.

After a short prier he leave the St peter place saying "Good Night"!!!our new popefootball fan


dimanche 17 mars 2013 19:53


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